Dear Friend of the Arts,


As we enter into another year we reflect on all the blessings of 2015.  This past year the Laredo Center for the Arts had the opportunity to present the community with a variety of ground breaking arts programming, exhibits, and events.  In 2016, hope to continue doing just that and more!


As a non-profit organization the Laredo Center for the Arts mission is to create a cultural climate in which the artistic creativity of all people may find a voice.  In order to execute our mission LCA relies on funding from a variety of sources such as private foundations, individual donors, grants, our members, special events, and fundraisers. 


We begin the new year with much anticipation. We are proud to bring you our 2016 Splendor of the Art Spirits Painting Raffle.  This year’s paintings were graciously donated by some of Laredo’s most coveted and talented artists.  We applaud the participating artists for their commitment to the arts and their continued support of the Laredo Center for the Arts.  Without the ongoing efforts of our board, talented artists, and supporters like you LCA would not succeed.  Together, we can offer young people a platform to express themselves through the Arts.


Proceeds raised from our raffle will be used towards LCA’s educational programming, exhibits, and cultural events.  Your support will allow LCA to continue growing with new and exciting exhibits and stimulating cultural events that serve to inspire, motivate, and entertain Laredoans and visitors alike.


We greatly appreciate and are honored to have 21 talented artists doing their share to help us fundraise.  I hope you will take the time in your busy schedules to view the photographs of the various paintings.  Please don’t forget to join us at our Splendor of the Arts Cocktail party on Thursday, February 11, 2016.  Raffle winners will be announced during this event.  Each raffle ticket is $20.  Please return the ticket with your information to Laredo Center for the Arts.  Make all checks payable to Laredo Center for the Arts. Don’t forget to turn in your tickets and checks before February 11th. 


I thank you in advance for your support and hope to see you at one of our events. Rest assured I am profoundly grateful for all you do to keep the arts alive in our community.


Hector “Tito” Garcia
Board President

Congratuations to Lisa Morales, Megan Ward, Mary Lou Lopez, Melissa Cigarroa, Thelma Chacon, CM Zaffirini, Russell Cerda, Consuelo Salinas, Hazel Gonzalez, Maria Zaragoza, Marcia Jovel, Tagi Sagafi-Nejad, Richard Norton, Rick Villarreal, Priscilla Beckelhymer, Lamar Quesada, Steve Trautmann, Hector Gacria, Anabell Zavala, and Mary Helen Cantu!! They will all be taking home these beautiful raffle pieces!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to this artistic fundraiser.
Special thanks to all the artists who continue to shape the fine and visual arts of Laredo!

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