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  • Barbara Krueger.gif

    Barbara Kruger's work consists of black-and-white photographs, with captions, stated in Futura Bold white font placed on red text boxes.

  • Andy Warhol.gif

    Andy Warhol

     We will be making a Pop Art Inspired Andy Warhol piece by using a printmaking technique & using repetition

  • George Seurat.gif

    George Seurat

    This week's Activity was inspired by George Seurat.

    Seurat is best know from devising the painting technique known as Pointillism. 

  • Marcel Duchamp.gif

    Marcel Duchamp

    We will be making a Duchamp collage by creating monochromatic silhouettes to illustrate the successive phases of movement.

  • SANTOS I love u.gif

    Poncho Santos

    Let's make a Mini Light Installation!
    In Celebration of one of our Favorite Local Artist's Birthday. 

  • Pablo Picasso

    Let's Make A Picasso Inspired Collage.

  • Frida Kahlo

    In Honor of Frida's Birthday This Past Week.

    Let's Make a Mini Frida Kahlo Pinata! 

  • haring outcome.jpg

    We will be Creating Keith Haring Inspired Art using Found Objects From Your Home!

  • Come by Laredo Center for The Arts to Pick Up Your Butterfly Packets!

  •  Basquiat used the Crown as a Symbol so the World could Recognize a Young King.

  • Ready To Rocket_!.gif

    Lets Make a Rocket!

    In Honor of SpaceX-NASA Historic Rocket Launch!

  • Gerhard Richard (1).gif

     Make swirly patterned prints using multi-sensory shaving foam. 


    In Honor Of International Museum Day
    We Made A Mini Art Museum!


  • You Can Make Art Out of Anything!

     Here is an Eco-Friendly Art Activity!

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