The purpose of The Laredo Center for the Arts, Inc. shall be to coordinate, promote, encourage and support the arts for the Laredo area; to promote a cultural climate in the city of Laredo, Texas, in which the artistic creativity of all people may find voice; to organize and adapt the community’s resources to the needs of the artists and the public; to work with and advise officials, agencies, organizations, schools, businesses, and committees in supporting art activities; to seek to encourage the establishments of new art forms, to develop public and educational programs; to strengthen existing programs and organizations and promote tourism; to undertake other such activity that will encourage public participation and appreciation of the arts and humanities in the Laredo area; and to carry out those functions necessary to enhance the image of Laredo as a center for the arts. 


This corporation is a non-profit corporation, organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

© 2020 by Laredo Center for the Arts

500 San Agustin Ave.  Laredo, TX 78040