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Public Art - Butterfly Installation

Laredo Center for the Arts will be accepting entries from the community to participate. Create an origami butterfly following our lesson, write your message of hope, love, & peace on your butterfly and drop it off at LCA today (Tuesday- Saturday from 11pm-4pm). We will then hang the colored butterflies from our trees. It's that easy! When the butterflies blow into the wind your messages of good will, compassion, and positive energy will be spread into the world. Let's spread our positivity far and wide! We ask that everyone use colored paper or colored origami paper to make their butterfly. We want all colors of the rainbow represented in our installation.

If you don't have colored origami paper drive by LCA Tuesday-Saturday from 11am- 4pm to pick up a packet with instructions to make your butterfly along with colored origami paper. Simply drive by the front patio & take a packet. We will have them hanging from our patio gates for you to take. *Origami Butterfly Drop off until Beginning of August*

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