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Art & Performance FT BEATYZ

LCA believes it is important now more than ever for us to continue supporting, empowering, and celebrating artistic development.

LCA will continue to cultivate a cultural and fine arts climate in 2021 through our Art & Performance Series.

The Art & Performance Series was created in 2020 as a platform to promote the arts and empower artists by showcasing free virtual artist performances and artistic demonstrations by musicians, dancers, poets, and artists.

Let’s continue celebrating the artists who continue to inspire, elevate, and enlighten us during these difficult times.

The next installment in our Art & Performance Series will be a Musical Performance by Beatyz.

Beatyz is a band formed in Laredo, Texas in 2018. They have been jamming together for 4 years ago with the common goal of changing the world one song at a time and making a change in their local community. Their music incorporates elements of rock, pop, alternative, indie and more! The band consists of vocalist Hector Martinez, and drummer Edwin Delgado. Beatyz music is heavily influenced by musicians such as the Arctic Monkeys, has The Beatles, BTS, Bring Me The Horizon, and Harry Styles. #holalaredo#downtownlaredo#lcaculturaldestination


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