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Art & Performance Series FT MODERN SOPHIA

As we continue to work together to limit the spread of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing and avoiding public events, LCA will continue to cultivate a cultural and fine arts climate through our Art & Performance Series.

We have created a platform to promote the arts and empower artists by showcasing free virtual artist performances and artistic demonstrations by musicians, dancers, poets, and artists.

Let’s celebrate artists who continue to inspire, elevate, and enlighten us during these difficult times.

The next installment in our Art & Performance Series is a Musical Performance by Modern Sophia. Sophia is an 18 year old singer/songwriter based in Laredo/Austin TX. She writes and produces alternative/synthpop music with influences such as Vampire Weekend, Marina and the Diamonds, Amy Winehouse, and Donna Summer.

Sophia began writing simple songs on her piano when she was in fourth grade and has been writing since. By age 14, Sophia was posting full productions made on her phone on SoundCloud, and began putting her music on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. by 17. Sophia is in charge of all creative directions of her Modern Sophia project, and is excited to release a lot of new music this upcoming year!


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