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"BarrioPOP" - Cande Aquilar

Opening Reception on Friday, September 2 at 6PM

Free and Open to the Public

“A native of Brownsville, Texas, Cande Aquilar is a self-taught artist who's distinctive barrioPOP style merges indigenous honor, challenges, sights and sounds of barrio life with the panoply of popular culture. Beyond the jaunty imagery, there is a gravity and poignancy to these paintings…beyond border culture to the human struggle which informs much of the work.

The style mixes abstraction with image transfers, local items, and the colors and shapes to form a visual collage. His work widens its lens to encompass the undercurrents of today's landscapes. During his earlier career as a musician, Cande toured the United States and received numerous awards. One of his performances with Gilberto Perez, brought him to the Casa Blanca Ballroom, in Laredo, Texas where a live recording entitled "Gilberto Perez Live from Casa Blanca" was made. Aguilar drew inspiration from that album title for his upcoming exhibition at the Laredo Center for the Arts "barrioPOP, En Vivo y A Todo Color

Laredo". Cande's work has been exhibited in important art institutions such as the Guadalupe Arts and Cultural Center in San Antonio, Texas as well as the Cheech Center in Riverside, California.”


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