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The Amazing Sophia

The Laredo Center for the Arts & the Laredo Cultural District invite the whole community to participate in our upcoming eco-friendly community downtown art installation project called Knitfitti!

What is Knitfitti?! It’s a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn rather than paint or chalk.

Let’s all come together and create a colorful urban landscape we are proud of! Let’s bring vitality to our downtown area by creating non-permanent yarn installations on the LCA patio trees!

How can you participate? Children, teens, and adults can watch and follow along to the Amazing Sophia’s tutorial at home. Then create your very own grandma square or chain using colorful yarn. Drop off your finished yarn square or chain at LCA (500 San Agustin). LCA will then invite the community to participate in the installation as we attach all of the community made yarn pieces together!

LCA & Laredo Cultural District will also be hosting weekend crocheting workshops (Dates & Times will be announced soon)!

About our Artist: Sophia is a 10 yr old textile artist with a passion for crochet! She has been consistently crocheting for 3 years now.

She learned how to crochet from YouTube videos and reading books.

Sophia enjoys making toys for her sisters and now wants to teach others the art of crochet!


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