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I. Description of Space and Equipment

Lilia G. Martinez is approximately 7,000 square feet and accommodates up to 250 people.

The Mezzanine Hall is approximately 2,850 square feet and accommodates up to 150 people.

The Courtyard is a fenced, outdoor patio. It is approximately 1,000 square feet and accommodates up to 75 people.

The Laredo Center for the Arts is not equipped with a kitchen. There is one Men’s and one Woman’s Restroom on the ground floor (Lilia G. Martinez Gallery) and one Men’s and one Woman’s Restroom on the second floor (Mezzanine Hall).

Additional Items – The Center also has limited number of tables and chairs that can be rented at an additional charge and can be negotiated with the Executive Director at the time of submitting the Rental Agreement. The Center also has sound system equipment and a portable fuse box for high-powered equipment that can be rented for an additional charge.

II. Fees

Courtyard                                Base Price:      $    900

Lilia G. Martinez Gallery           Base Price:      $ 2,500

Mezzanine Hall                        Base Price:      $ 2,500

Photo Shoot Rental                   Base Price:      $    150/hr

Basic event rental fee includes a 4-hour event, 4-hour set up, 1-hour break down following the event, 1 security guard and 1 – 2 Center staff member(s) for the duration of the event. No event must run past midnight.

Additional time is available at $500/hour.

A Security Deposit of $500 plus $500 Rental Deposit and rental agreement signed by the Executive Director and Renter is needed to confirm the reservation. The remainder of the rental fee is due 72 hours before the event or the reservation will be cancelled.

Security Deposit is returned in full within 1 week following the event if no damages or excess costs have occurred.

Removal and reinstallation of artwork on display will be charged to Renter at a fee of $500.

Security guards can be contracted at a rate of $30/hour/guard.

Bartenders can be contracted at a rate of $20/hour/bartender.

III. Cancellation Policy

Rental deposit is non-refundable.

Security deposit is fully refundable, if no damages or excess costs have occurred.

IV. Catering

Caterer must be present for pre-event walk-through.

No butane items are allowed.

No stove or cooking facility is available.

Renter is responsible for set-up and removal of all catering equipment immediately after event.

A cash bar and/or fee-based alcoholic beverage serving is prohibited in building.

Trash dumpster adjacent to building may be used by renter. However, all disposed trash must not exceed the capacity of the dumpster. Renter must dispose of any trash that exceeds capacity off-site.

V. Access and Parking

For day time events, metered parking before 6:00 PM is available. All parties are responsible for meter fees and for any tickets incurred.

On-street parking and various unaffiliated parking garages are in the vicinity of the building.

No garage or private parking on-site.

Loading and unloading is only available at temporary parking area.

VI. Indemnification

The Event Sponsor shall at all times indemnify and hold harmless the Laredo Center for the Arts, its staff, and volunteers from any loss, cost, damage, liability, or expense which arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of the Event Sponsor and his/her employees or agents.

VII. Limitation or Liability

Reasonable care will be taken to ensure the safety of all artwork and other fixtures (furniture, etc.). However, the Laredo Center for the Arts shall not be liable to the Event Sponsor for any special, indirect, or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits, loss of use, and costs of replacement, caused by the Laredo Center for the Arts breach of warranty or negligence, which does not amount to the Laredo Center for the Arts willful or intentional wrong doing.

VIII. Additional Terms

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the Laredo Center for the Arts and its associated buildings and properties. A penalty fee of $500 will be deducted from the security deposit if any evidence of smoking is detected.

Raffles are prohibited in building unless Event Sponsor has proof of license.

Early set-up or next-day pick-up of materials may result in additional charges.

All Lit candles of any type are prohibited.  Only battery operated flameless candles are allowed.

Excess electrical charge will be the responsibility of the renter.

No nails, single-sided or double-sided tape, fixatives or other adhesives may be used on the walls absent the Laredo Center for the Arts consent. Center staff must be consulted on hanging artwork. Damage to the wall as a result of improper hanging is the responsibility of the Event Sponsor.

Repair costs due to damaged property will be deducted from the security deposit.

If damages exceed total security deposit, additional expenses for repairs will be billed to renter.

All trash receptacles must be emptied and clean of all garbage and left over food immediately after the event.

All areas of use, including gallery space, staging areas and reception areas, must be swept clean of all dirt and debris.

All rented equipment (decorations, stage, chairs, tables, sound equipment, etc.) must be removed from facility within time allotted for reservation.

After a 30-day period from the clean up date stated in the contract, any items left by Renter or Contracted Vendors will become property of the Center.

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